Sunday, May 23, 2010


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I bounce my butt to the beat of the bongo
Shoulders shimmy and shake
Grind my hips from side to side
Groovin' to the music
Groovin' in my soul
I'm home, in my own place--the dance floor--where I'm a star!
Men get hot and horny when they see me feel the joy.
My body tells a story
I move into you slowly
Just to tease!
But then you rise between your thighs
Sorry brother! I'm not hear to please
You see, I'm expressing my freedom of expression
My need to dance ABOVE the floor
Expressing my culture in the purest form
It's not about sex--but all about joy
Profound and deep and raw!
And I refuse to apologize for my culture!
(Two snaps up)

Copyright (c) 1995 all rights reserved