Monday, May 24, 2010


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My documentary, "The Descendants of Africa: Evolution of a People and Culture" gave to birth to a few off-shoots, vehicles in which I could disseminate the valuable info I obtained in my research, and while filming interviews. I started a company called tribalspirit inc. and sold tee shirts that came with little booklets of historical info regarding peoples of Native American and/or African descent throughout the Americas. I designed the shirts and sold them on a web site with some ethnic jewelry that I designed as well. The website and tees were to help combat the ignorance that contributes to the "isms" that plague our society, and to promote the appreciation of diversity. As with my other projects, I lost interest due to depression brought on by 9/11. Happily, I am back on track and resuming as well as resurrecting old projects; and due to popular demand will be bringing back the tees, in black only. See the photos of the tees with the design on the back of all the countries in the Americas in a setting sun. On the sleeve is the logo of an arrow crossed with a spear. Across the chest are the words "New World Tribe", which represents the "new breed of people" created from the colonization of the Americas. I hope to have the new tribalspirit site up by the Summer.