Sunday, August 7, 2011

Busy! Busy! As Wardrobe Head For CTH Henry V

OMG! Got a little sidetracked with my sudden gig as Wardrobe Head for the renowned Classical Theatre of Harlem for the production of "Henry V". Yes, I do it all and for the love of it! Show opens on August 10th-September 4th at the Shabazz Cultural Center aka the Audubon Ballroom. This weekend the cast performed at the Richard Rogers Amphitheater in Harlem's Mt. Morris Park. It was a wonderful show and they rocked the stage to a large turnout under the stars! Here's some footage and pics I took while backstage. Click this blog's title to go to the CTH website for more info.

I am still in fundraising mode to bring "Blood Makes The Red River Flow" to the stage and considering playing the role of Yaya, the assertive Creole mother...