Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Our rehearsals are coming along wonderfully, considering we just completed our 2nd week. However 2 of the cast members were ill but did a great job this week. I cancelled one rehearsal so they could re-group and heal. Then my leading lady got stricken with the bug and I had to beg her to stay home. She insisted on coming anyway and lay low but she had to finally surrender to her illness and stay home. This weekend we turn up the heat! If you haven't gotten your tickets click the title of this post which will take you to the Eventbrite website. If you don't have a credit card you can pay cash and be put on a list. EMAIL red_river_play@yahoo.com TICKETS WILL NOT BE SOLD AT THE VENUE AT ANY TIME INCLUDING DAY OF PERFORMANCES.

Next week I will meet with the granters of the Space Grant I was awarded from the Looking Glass Theatre. The performances will be in the first 2 weeks of May. I am so grateful, as this makes it possible to re-mount my other powerful play "A Wound In Time" as well as film it for DVD distribution. Everyone should have the experience of THEATRE!