Saturday, January 26, 2013


So happy to announce that the first play in my trilogy "Women You Thought You Knew", "The Grinder" has been submitted to the United States Copyright Office!  Now I can give a sigh knowing that in the very near future the character "Diamond" will soon be gracing the runway showcasing OOB, before ultimately making the "move" OB as I continue the mission of writing compelling roles for women!

It is set in the late 1970's-late 1980's in NYC.  The characters are:
Lauren aka "Diamond" a 40ish exotic dancer
Nelson a 40ish Diplomatic Courier and regular customer
Romano a 50ish gay hairstylist extraordinaire and good friend
Carlotta the 60ish mother of Lauren
Rita the 30ish fellow exotic dancer and friend

I will now continue with the second play in the trilogy and hopefully be done in the weeks to come.  I left off in the beginning of Act II... 

Friday, January 25, 2013


Happy to announce the completion of the first play of the trilogy "Women You Thought You Knew".  "The Grinder" is the story of the aging exotic dancer who faces, not only a decision regarding her age, but other issues that are part of an entangled mess, and ultimately self-discovery.  Play # 2 "Silk Stockings And A Bible" is about a church lady with a past.  The beginning of Act II is where I will resume writing the story of Fanny.  Play # 3 is about a "wild child" which I will begin writing shortly.  

Look for the showcase of "The Grinder" this Summer.  I'll be holding auditions for the 5 characters this Spring.  

Thursday, January 17, 2013


I'll be scheduling dates for more Off Broadway productions when they become available.  My Creole historical drama will hopefully go up in April, if dates and cast members are available, alternating with my Santeria mystery thriller...  Stay tuned.
"Blood Makes The Red River Flow" with Christiana Blain and Ron Rivera

"A Wound In Time" Off Broadway with Ron Rivera and Irma Cadiz


I was more than honored to have been asked to be on a team as an advisor and writer for a feature film, by someone who saw my recent Off Broadway production.  The premise also raised my interest and I couldn't wait to begin research and write a proposed synopsis.  Of course, I'm way ahead of the game as a meeting hasn't been schedule yet.  I can't help it if I'm totally PSYCHED!


Well, the New Year has gotten me off to a busy start.  I have finally resumed writing one of the two plays I began before directing and producing "A Wound In Time" Off Broadway.  I have settled in after that wonderful ride and began work on the play about the aging exotic dancer.  I completed Act II yesterday and may surprisingly be done next week.  Hoping to resume working on the other play about the "church lady" with a past soon after.  This has gotten me to think of doing a trilogy of women who we usually have a preconceived notion about...  "Women You Thought You Knew" will be the name of the trilogy.  Just have to think of another type of woman whose life we think we have figured out...  I've got it!  Woman # 3 is "The Wild Child"!  Stayed tuned!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


What can I say?  I am so glad that I'm not a "sheep"... One who doesn't think for themselves and follows along with what they believe one would want them to do.  Because if I was I would either have not gone to see "Django Unchained" or I would have gone to the theatre so busy counting N-words (because I would've assumed that that would've been the issue that Spike Lee would've had if he had gone to see it) that I would have missed a fantastic, clever film.

Don't miss it!  And "sheep" don't deny yourselves!  Leave the flock and go see it!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Well, we made it through another productive yet crazy year.  As I reflect on the accomplishments I have to think of the many folks who gave of their time and talent to make my projects come to life over the years.  I think of the many more that I will encounter and collaborate with in the years to come.  If all goes as planned, and it never does in the arts, I will be very busy but more grounded from what I have learned from past projects.

Look for my Creole drama, "Blood Makes The Red River Flow" to return bigger and better for an Off Broadway limited engagement this Spring, if dates are available, hopefully in April.  

Look for my mystery thriller, "A Wound In Time" to return Off Broadway with staggered performances throughout the year.  

When completed, look for my 2 new plays, which I've yet to resume writing, to showcase this year.

Really hoping to resume filming interviews for my documentary series, "The Descendants of Africa", which I began filming in the 1990's.  Interviews from the "Creole" segment were the inspiration for my historical Creole drama.

All in all I'm feeling really good about this year and for good things to come for everyone.  Feeling a positive vibe of hope...