Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Well, we made it through another productive yet crazy year.  As I reflect on the accomplishments I have to think of the many folks who gave of their time and talent to make my projects come to life over the years.  I think of the many more that I will encounter and collaborate with in the years to come.  If all goes as planned, and it never does in the arts, I will be very busy but more grounded from what I have learned from past projects.

Look for my Creole drama, "Blood Makes The Red River Flow" to return bigger and better for an Off Broadway limited engagement this Spring, if dates are available, hopefully in April.  

Look for my mystery thriller, "A Wound In Time" to return Off Broadway with staggered performances throughout the year.  

When completed, look for my 2 new plays, which I've yet to resume writing, to showcase this year.

Really hoping to resume filming interviews for my documentary series, "The Descendants of Africa", which I began filming in the 1990's.  Interviews from the "Creole" segment were the inspiration for my historical Creole drama.

All in all I'm feeling really good about this year and for good things to come for everyone.  Feeling a positive vibe of hope...