Saturday, May 18, 2013


Very excited about the projects that I have lined up this year.  I am committed and will to continue to use my personal resources and "resourcefulness" to present projects that inform as well as entertain.    The road is long and hard but with passion I can make it happen... Again!  

-June 30, 2013-Staged reading of "The Grinder"

-Summer 2013-Staged reading of "Silk Stockings and a Bible" and "The Wild Child"

-Fall 2013-Shoot fundraising teaser for "A Wound In Time" the feature film.

-Fall 2013-Off Off Broadway series of all my 5 plays called "The Wilson Women:Phoenixes Rising" which will include the debut of my trilogy "Women You Thought You Knew: "The Grinder", "Silk Stockings and a Bible", and "The Wild Child"; "Blood Makes The Red River Flow"; and "A Wound In Time"

Fall/Winter 2013-Fundraising Events

-Spring 2014-"A Wound In Time" the feature film set for production.