Monday, July 22, 2013


The performance of "Blood Makes The Red River Flow" at Culturefix as dinner theatre was amazing!  To perform without the 4th wall gave me such a freedom as an actor! I LOVE "theatre in the round".  It is so organic and the emotions seem to be swirling around you, as well as the audience.  The audience was so engaged and really fed our performance.  They LOVED us!  And we LOVED them!  

The food was amazing, as the cast was served and catered to after the audience dispersed.  It was a lovely end to a wonderful show. There were two lovely theatre critics in the audience who promised me a favorable review airing on July 27th!  I'm still floating!

Thanks to all who attended, and to my wonderful cast.  And of course to Ari and Cole of Culturefix! It was the perfect venue, for the first, of our Creole dinner theatre events to come.

For every show that we do is a step closer to getting the recognition and support "Red River" so deserves.  Stay tuned...