Thursday, December 19, 2013


The process continues and I'm happy to announce the return of most of the original cast members from the staged reading of the first play in my trilogy, "Women You Thought You Knew", to the showcase production of "The Grinder" next Spring.

Michelle Lamelza reprises the lead role of the aging stripper, Lauren aka "Diamond".

Christiana Blain reprises her role as friend and fellow stripper, Rita.

Al Roffe reprises his role as the gay "hairstylist extraordinaire" and friend, Romano.

Bill Russo, who played the role of Nelson in the reading will make his stage debut, in a role since written, as the grumpy strip club owner/manager, Lou.

The roles of Carlotta and Nelson will be cast after the holidays with actors on standby for auditions.
Thanks to Katherine Mylenki for the great job as Carlotta in the reading.