Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Casting is complete for play # 3 in the trilogy, "Women You Thought You Knew", about party animal Susan Li who is undermined by family and friends.  "Wild Child" is set in the Disco Era and when Susan befriends a strung out, shell shock Viet Nam veteran lives are changed forever... Look for the staged reading in August in Chinatown!
Joy Song plays free spirit "Susan Li"

Steve Barkman plays "Vet", the shell shock veteran

Joel Quinones as makeup artist and Susan's hang out buddy "Herman"
China L. Colston as "Christi" Susan's fake ass friend 

Jan Mishuzumi plays Susan's "Aunt Carol"

Susan Yung plays Susan's mom, "Muquin"

Andrew Hsu plays Susan's obnoxious brother "Peter"