Friday, August 29, 2014

2 DOWN AND 1 TO GO!!!!!!!

The second play of the trilogy had it's workshop performance August 27th before a very appreciative audience.  Lots of great pics taken by my Co-Producer, Bill Russo, posted below.  My sister also took tons of stills which will be posted when available.  One more play to be workshopped and then we hid to a full production early 2015 at a larger venue, possibly Off Broadway for a historical run.  Thanks to all who made it possible!

G. Michelle Robinson, Krystal Hill, and Santi Rodriguez

Stacey Griffin, and Krystal Hill

Stacey Griffin, and Co-Producer Bill Russo

Krystal Hill and Bill Russo
Bill Russo, Santi Rodriguez, Eren T. Gibson, and Chuk Obasi post show

Curtain call the cast and moi

Curtain call

Curtain call
Chuk Obasi, Krystal Hill, and G. Michelle Robinson