Saturday, September 20, 2014


You should know me by now... I do things on a "wing and a prayer". That's the only way things get done if you have little to no resources.  I am grateful that I have many abilities to get the job done and end up wearing many hats because of limited funds.  Those who have doubted me learned to doubt no more... Doing what you do for love is the greatest motivation.

Sept. 29th-Preproduction phase of "A Wound In Time" begins

Oct. 4th-Begin revisions of "Wild Child" script

Oct. 20th-Rehearsals begin for "Wild Child"

Oct. 27th-Table Read of screenplay "A Wound In Time"

Dec 10th -Workshop production of "Wild Child"

Jan. 5th-Production phase of "A Wound In Time" begins

March 8th-28th-Run of the entire trilogy "Women You Thought You Knew"