Tuesday, October 28, 2014


What a wonderful table read last night! Most of the cast saw the script for the first time and managed to bring the characters to life without direction. The private reading was for folks who had submitted for production crew positions as I wanted them to hear the story first and then decide if they wanted to move on to being interviewed as part of the "organic process". I am happy to say that they were very impressed with the cast and the story. Many thanks to Anissa Smith, Frankie Ramos, Wanda Colon, Tina Moore, Evan Davis, Michelle Lamelza, Irma Cadiz, Stacey Griffin, Alan Liddell, John Larkin, Steve Devito, Bill Barry, China L. Colston, and Gyavira Lasana! Next phase will be crew interviews next week. Bravo all!

Now to finally get the last installment of my trilogy, "Wild Child", mounted as a workshop production to fulfill my timeline for the project.