Wednesday, February 18, 2015

WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!

"Wild Child" has now been workshopped.  It has been a bumpy ride but all came together and made it happen!  Some wonderful pics were taken by Co-producer, Bill Russo!  Enjoy!
Liz Karmooch as fake ass friend "Christi" and Noah Pielow as "Herman

Cindy Lee as free spirit "Susan Li" and Tina Moore as her "Aunt Muriel"

Tina Moore, Jan Mizushima as "Aunt Carol", Susan Yung as "Muquin
and Andrew Hsu as "Peter"

The Disco scene

Cindy Lee and Steve Barkman as the Vietnam veteran "Vet"

Andrew Hsu and Susan Yung

Cindy Lee and Steve Barkman

Curtain call... Bravo!

The lovely cast

Member of the Production Family Light Designer Mitch Ost


The leading lady and her Mom

Radio host of "The AC Lowe Show" Anthony Lofaso and Tina Moore

Me and the cast

Thanks guys!

Bravo audience!

Co-producer Bill Russo, and mom of leading lady Mrs. Lee, and I

Singer/Songwriter from Rome, Italy Lisa Gambino and I