Sunday, January 31, 2016


Coming this Summer! Edgy Ladies on Stage Play Series:

"Women You Thought You Knew: A Trilogy" "#1 The Grinder" Italian-American Lauren Lamonte, stage name "Diamond" is a stripper past her prime. But though her knees ache she can't give up her gig for feelings of abandonment as a child have her obsessed with survival. Will a one night stand after a date at 1970's Studio 54 change her life forever?

"#2 Silk Stockings and a Bible" Afro-American Fannie Mae Brown, a sassy former Cotton Club girl is a "church lady" with a past. As she reminisces about the days during the Golden Age of Swing are her regrets of the spicy past or the austere present?

"#3 Wild Child" Chinese-American free spirit Susan Li is disregarded by her mother and badgered by her younger corporate climbing brother. Her partying ways during the glory days of sex, drugs, and Disco makes her the black sheep of her image conscious family. When she befriends a shell shock, strung out Vietnam veteran, and a long lost Afro-Chinese aunt from the Bahamas shows up on the family doorstep is this a train wreck waiting to happen?

"Blood Makes the Red River Flow" in the green room of a New Orleans hotel in 1961 self-centered debutante Gabrielle Laviteaux-Montero Jones gets schooled by her grandmother about the sacrifice and rich history of her Creole ancestors during the early 1800's on the Red River in Louisiana.