Friday, September 22, 2017

Wonderful Video Clips of Trilogy

It was an amazing ride!  I must've been insane to simultaneously direct and produce the three plays of my trilogy.  But when passion drives you sanity takes a back seat.  I am done writing plays for now and will focus on my first love "acting" and the re-staging of past work.  For plays are forever new with each new venue, cast, scenic design, etc.  I am appearing in Noel Hall's choreopoem "Snapshots in Transit" in October and plan on remounting previous works next year.  Thanks to my sister Sheila for videotaping the entire trilogy! Thanks again to The Puffin Foundation for helping to make the run of "Women You Thought You Knew" possible!

The Grinder Video Clips

Silk Stockings and a Bible Video Clips

Wild Child Video Clips